Aragua Pole

We have built our history in Mineiros since 2010 and in Perolândia since 2011. There are two Agroindustrial Units that together constitute the Araguaia Pole.

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BR 364 Highway, Km 256 - Rural Zone
ZIP CODE: 78823-000 Perolândia/GO
+55 64 3672-8300

Morro Vermelho Unit

GO-341 Highway, km 67 on the right. 13km, no number
ZIP CODE 75830-000
+ 55 64 3672-5300

Mato Grosso do Sul Pole

Here are the world's largest mills and largest boiler. Installed in Rio Brilhante (MS), the Eldorado Unit contributes to building a more sustainable future since 2008.

Eldorado Unit

MS 145 Highway, Km 49
ZIP CODE: 79130-000
Rio Brilhante / MS
+ 55 67 3446 2800

Goiás Pole

The unit is located in Caçu (GO), but we recognize the importance of Cachoeira Alta as a satellite city of our activities. We have been there since 2009.

Rio Claro Unit

Santo Antonio Farm, no number, GO 174 - KM 33
Caçu - GO
Phone: + 55 64 3656 7100

São Paulo Pole

In Teodoro Sampaio, we plant, cultivate and harvest sugarcane. We turn our raw material into renewable fuel, ethanol. In the region of Pontal do Paranapanema, we operate the company's largest sugar plant.

Alcídia Farm - Rural Zone

PO Box: +55 81 19280-000
Teodoro Sampaio/SP
+55 18 3282 9090

Conquista do Pontal Unit

563 Highway - Euclides de Oliveira Figueredo KM 13
ZIP CODE: 19260 000
Conquista do Pontal Farm
+ 55 18 3991 9600

Taquari Pole

Two United States for a single purpose: to produce ethanol and clean electric energy. Alto Taquari (MT) and Costa Rica (MS) are the municipalities that welcome us from 2010 and 2011, respectively.

Alto Taquari Unit

MT 100 Highway, km 51 Left side, no number, Rural Zone
ZIP CODE: 78785-000
Alto Taquari/MT55 66 3496 2800

Costa Rica Unit

MS 135 Highway, km 07, Rural Zone
ZIP CODE: 79550-000
Costa Rica/MS
+55 67 3247-7300


Professionals who give all the support to our Agroindustrial Units are concentrated between São Paulo and Campinas. We are more than 300 professionals.

Campinas office

Alexander Grahan Bell Avenue, 200, Block D, modules D5 and D6
Grahan Bell Condominium
ZIP CODE: 13069-310
Campinas/São Paulo

São Paulo Office

Rua Lemos Monteiro, 120, 13th floor
Odebrecht Building São Paulo
ZIP CODE: 05501-050
Sao Paulo-SP